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Mission Statement

The mission of Hometown Bakery is to provide the community with “made fresh for you” baked goods in a small shop environment.

About Us

Owner Arlene Coccia established Hometown Bakery in 2015 in the kitchen of her Stearns Avenue home. Through word of mouth and social media, she grew to the point that she could no longer handle all of the requests that she received without help. Residential kitchens are restricted from hiring employees, so the best option was to open a shop.

Hometown Bakery opened its doors on a gray November day in 2022. There were more than a few rough days in the beginning with early closings and nearly empty shelves due to demand being higher than production. We barely survived the Thanksgiving-Christmas season - not a good time to open a bakery! The newly trained staff had a hard time keeping up with production. It took a few months for schedules and production to align to the point that we could call ourselves well-stocked. 

Now we have a talented crew of bakers, cake decorators, and counter help to ensure that our customers have a satisfying experience whether they are stopping by for a small treat or ordering a cake for a large function. 

One of my favorite compliments I hear from customers is: "This tastes just like homemade!" To be sure, it is!

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